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New to Field

The New to Field Programme is aimed at those who consider themselves new to the field of Organisation Development. This session is very popular and has become an important part of the conference. It provides the opportunity to learn about the history of OD, concepts and approaches to OD and provides opportunities to network.

09:30 Registration

10:00 Welcome and Making Connections – Shelly Hossain and Dr Ian Phillips

10:45 A Story of OD: Where has OD emerged from and what are its future possibilities – Tom Kenward and Cindy Cox

11:45 Refreshments

12:00 Does it matter where we come from? – Shelly Hossain

12:45 Lunch

13:30 Track Sessions

1. What does an OD Practitioner need to know – Kate Cowie

2. Exploring the Consultancy Cycle – Gwen Stirling-Wilkie

3. Use of Self in OD Practice – Tom Kenward

14:45 Refreshments

15:00 Danger of a Single Story – Shelly Hossain and Dr Ian Phillips

16:00 Refreshments

16:15 Keynote – Dr Ian Phillips

16:45 Closing reflections and announcements – Shelly Hossain

17:00 Drinks and Connections with Experienced Practitioner participants


Programme is subject to change

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