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Experienced Practitioners Day: The Shadow Side of Difference

On 8 May we will be holding our 2nd Annual Experienced Practitioners’ Day — an opportunity for colleagues who have been in the field for a while to come together to sharpen an aspect of their practice that links to the conference theme. With the focus this year on power and diversity, we thought it would be interesting to explore the shadow side of difference. The disruption and tension surrounding us is kicking up a great deal of uncertainty and acting out in our clients, and maybe even among us as well.

Join us for a conversation about the less acknowledged parts of ourselves and how those parts influence the way we work with difference, both our own and what we see in others. We intend the day to be both anxiety-provoking and restorative as we dig deep and find ways to make more confident use of ourselves by becoming more aware of our less well known bits.

After we get settled and create a context for ourselves, possibly with a guest speaker or two, we will turn ourselves loose to organise the conversations that seem important to us in the moment. The flow of the day is anticipated to look something like this:

11:00. Registration

11:30  Stage setting; building the container

12:30  Lunch

13:30  Emergent small group work

15:30  Refreshments

15:45  Reconvene in plenary for sense making

16:30  Prepare for re-entry

17:00  Drinks and informal networking with New to Field colleagues


We hope this little teaser has piqued your interest. We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam.

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