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New to Field

We offer a special rate to those who consider themselves ‘New to the Field of Organisation Development’. This supports those new to the field and gives an opportunity to build community in a smaller group setting prior to entering the main conference on 9 & 10 May 2019. The day will be hosted by Shelly Hossain. Shelly is one of the Co-Chairs of ODN Europe and leads the Professional Practice Portfolio.  We have received feedback to say that ‘this was enormously helpful and it felt good to know people before entering a larger unknown community.’

Who is this special rate aimed at?

We encourage individuals who are:

  • New to the Field (this may be because you are transitioning from another professional space into OD; this may include Leadership Development, Human Resources, Coaching, Facilitation, Diversity and Inclusion Specialists;
  • Students of OD who are currently on accredited learning programmes or have recently completed and are seeking work;
  • Those who are retired and not currently earning and would like to contribute to the growth and development of the next generation of OD colleagues.

How to apply for the special rate?

We ask that you write a short supporting statement between 250 – 400 words sharing why you would like to attend this day and how you fit into one of the above categories.

Please send your supporting statement to; we will respond within 5 working days.


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